Indie Beer Feast 2018

Last weekend, I welcomed the arrival of Sheffield Beer Week, by visiting Indie Beer Feast. Hosted in the very special Abbeydale Picture House building, this debut event offered a unique environment to enjoy good beer, good food and good company. So, how did it do?

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Craft Beer Rising 2018

My first visit to London of 2018 took me to Brick Lane, more specifically The Old Truman Brewery. Here, they were proudly hosting Craft Beer Rising. Although now an established event on the London (and UK) beer scene, this was my debut at CBR. Here’s what I thought of my experience!

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North Bar & Half Acre Beer Company

Celebrating 20 years, North Bar has been, and still is, one of Leeds’ pioneering craft beer bars. Surviving two decades of continuous change in the beer world, North Bar has come through it all. In keeping with its reputation, throughout February, North has been celebrating beers from across the Atlantic, the USA. I found myself in North Bar in late February, as they welcomed Half Acre Beer Company from Chicago.

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Grog in Guiseley

When you have a metropolitan area as large as Leeds’, it means there’s plenty of places to enjoy great beer. Joining my friends from Leeds CAMRA, I recently took a trip around Guiseley. It’s not an area of Leeds I’m overly familiar with, so it was a great opportunity to visit some new pubs and taste some new beer.

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Beer, GRUB and the Piccadilly Beer Mile

Ok, so maybe my article last week wasn’t my last Tryanuary related blog post. I promise this one is though! Earlier in January, I was kindly invited by Nomadic Beers to a beer festival hosted by GRUB Manchester. It was their inaugural beer festival and, as it turned out, an opportunity for me to also visit some of the Piccadilly Beer Mile venues.

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Birmingham Beer, Briefly

It’s almost the end of what has been a wonderful Tryanuary 2018. I’ve been to new places, drank new beer, and met new people. I think my Tryanuary has been a success! There was one more Tryanuary trip I wanted to write about before we close the month out. Recently, I took advantage of a brief visit to Birmingham, to see how the beer scene here is evolving. On my trip, I had time to check out three great places that suggest the scene is as vibrant here as anywhere else. Here’s The Wolf, The Indian Brewery Company and The Gunmakers Arms.

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A New Era for Camerons

Recently, I was invited to a ‘Winter Beer Launch’ event held at Head of Steam Leeds, and hosted by Camerons Brewery. Camerons have made some changes recently, most notably the appointment of a new head brewer, Chris Deakin. Whilst there, I had opportunity to not only meet Chris, but try some of the new beers that are starting to come out of production.

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Brudenell Social Club

Ever been to the Brudenell Social Club in Hyde Park, Leeds? Ask someone in Leeds and they’ll likely immediately tell you that it’s one of Leeds’ premier gig venues. Which it is! But recently, it’s undergone a bit of a transformation. Now, it is also a haven for amazing beer.

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Great Beer in Bradford

So, here we are in the middle of Tryanuary 2018. I’m pleased to say, after a fairly slow start (I thought a few days off the beer after a beer a day in December, was probably a good idea) I’ve now embraced the campaign and I’m looking forward to some special events I’ve got to come. In this week’s post, I wanted to write about two fantastic bars, new to me, that I went to as part of the Bradford and Leeds Tryanuary pub crawl.

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Dry January, Meet Tryanuary

After a December of indulgence, January sees a trend of people opting to go dry. In 2018, it has been estimated 6 million Brits will ditch the booze as part of Dry January. To help support our beer industry throughout January, Tryanuary was created four years ago. The campaign looks to encourage people to visit pubs and drink beer, whilst raising money for charity.

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