Great Beer in Bradford

So, here we are in the middle of Tryanuary 2018. I’m pleased to say, after a fairly slow start (I thought a few days off the beer after a beer a day in December, was probably a good idea) I’ve now embraced the campaign and I’m looking forward to some special events I’ve got to come. In this week’s post, I wanted to write about two fantastic bars, new to me, that I went to as part of the Bradford and Leeds Tryanuary pub crawl.

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Dry January, Meet Tryanuary

After a December of indulgence, January sees a trend of people opting to go dry. In 2018, it has been estimated 6 million Brits will ditch the booze as part of Dry January. To help support our beer industry throughout January, Tryanuary was created four years ago. The campaign looks to encourage people to visit pubs and drink beer, whilst raising money for charity.

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Golden Pints 2017- Pub Special

Last week, I posted my Golden Pints looking at my favourite beer and events of 2017. But, I wanted to do something special that celebrates pubs too. With Tryanuary just a few days away, I thought I’d share with you my favourite pubs of 2017. I hope this end of year awards celebration encourages you to support the great British Pub throughout January, whether you’re partaking in Tryanuary, or going dry. Enjoy!

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Tryanuary 2017

With 2017 coming to a close, it means January 2018 is almost upon us. With an estimated 6 million Brits looking to partake in Dry January (a month of sobriety after December’s indulgence!), January is a tough month for pubs and breweries. To address this, four years ago Tryanuary was set up. The goal is to encourage people to support pubs and brewers throughout January, whilst raising money for charity.

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Golden Pints 2017

So, Golden Pints 2017! This is my first ‘Golden Pints’ end of year award style post. I must admit, my original plan was to do something different in name. However, having seen how many other writers have interpreted Golden Pints to their own structure and style, I’m also going to stick to the name but do my own thing. I want to focus on the truly amazing beer and events I’ve experienced this year, so this won’t be a comprehensive list of categories. It’s just what I think is the important stuff, with a top three in each. All in reverse order, enjoy!

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A Tour of Leeds Brewery

This week, I got the opportunity to visit Leeds Brewery, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. Incredibly, even though the brewery is local to me, I’ve never visited before. So it was great to tick this one off of my list.

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The Cross Keys, Holbeck, Leeds

Back in September 2017, I wrote an article asking if the Fleece in Fartown, Pudsey, was the best pub in Leeds. A cracking pub on the outskirts of the city. But, with around 550 pubs in the Leeds metropolitan area (figure courtesy of WhatPub), it’s bound to have competition, right? Right!

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Welcome to Mike’s Tap Room! We’ve had a bit of a spruce up and we’re at a new, easy to remember web address – This site is aimed at sharing our passion for beer, which you will hopefully find helpful on your own journey of beer discovery.

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Fuller’s and Friends

I think many who drink modern beers would agree with the statement that 2017 has been the year of collaboration beer. More than ever this year, we’ve seen breweries join forces and produce a beer together. Continue reading Fuller’s and Friends

Hull Beer Festival 2017

A friend of mine keeps joking that I must be semi-retired. As I’m sure you realised from my recent posts, I have spent a lot of time visiting beer festivals! With Craft Beer Calling and Sheffield Beer Festival visited and written up, last week I visited Hull for their local CAMRA beer festival.

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