Tetley’s Brewing Returns to Leeds

Mention Tetley’s Brewery  to people in Leeds, and for some it’s quite an emotional topic to raise. I’ve seen a look of sadness and betrayal on some faces, anger and defiance on others. All this still felt, 7 years after the brewery closed it’s Leeds operation. But, something new and exciting is happening, which may help to put away those ghosts of the past.

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My Lithuania Beer Adventure Part II – Avilys

After an incredible start to my visit to Lithuania at Apynys Brewery (click HERE to read my blog about Apynys), Tomas and Modestas accompanied me to the second brewery of the tour. Next up Avilys, which is Kaunas’ only brew pub, and a real attraction for people visiting Kaunas’ Old Town.

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My Lithuania Beer Adventure Part I – Apynys

The craft beer scene in Lithuania is booming. Following the global trend, over the last five years I’ve seen Lithuania evolve from predominantly Baltic lagers and porters, to a vast arrange of styles, from IPAs to sour beers. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be writing a series of articles on the amazing places I visited recently, in capital city Vilnius, and my home away from home, Kaunas.

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Event Announcement – Festival of Brewers

I’m delighted to announce my new event, that debuts in 2018, called ‘Festival of Brewers’! Borne out of a desire to see a festival that doesn’t feature the same craft breweries as all the others, this festival is designed to focus on the small and independent. Those who don’t get opportunities at events like these, brewing on small kit, and producing great tasting, quality beers.

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Call Lane Crawl

Call Lane in Leeds is one of the City’s most well-known nightlife hot spots. And, whilst you might assume this means loud music and cheap mass-produced drinks, you don’t have to try too hard to find some great bars, serving great beers. A few weeks ago, with my Leeds CAMRA friends in tow, we visited four of Call Lane’s craft beer bars. This is the Call Lane Crawl for the beer lover!

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Indie Beer Feast 2018

Last weekend, I welcomed the arrival of Sheffield Beer Week, by visiting Indie Beer Feast. Hosted in the very special Abbeydale Picture House building, this debut event offered a unique environment to enjoy good beer, good food and good company. So, how did it do?

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Craft Beer Rising 2018

My first visit to London of 2018 took me to Brick Lane, more specifically The Old Truman Brewery. Here, they were proudly hosting Craft Beer Rising. Although now an established event on the London (and UK) beer scene, this was my debut at CBR. Here’s what I thought of my experience!

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North Bar & Half Acre Beer Company

Celebrating 20 years, North Bar has been, and still is, one of Leeds’ pioneering craft beer bars. Surviving two decades of continuous change in the beer world, North Bar has come through it all. In keeping with its reputation, throughout February, North has been celebrating beers from across the Atlantic, the USA. I found myself in North Bar in late February, as they welcomed Half Acre Beer Company from Chicago.

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Grog in Guiseley

When you have a metropolitan area as large as Leeds’, it means there’s plenty of places to enjoy great beer. Joining my friends from Leeds CAMRA, I recently took a trip around Guiseley. It’s not an area of Leeds I’m overly familiar with, so it was a great opportunity to visit some new pubs and taste some new beer.

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Beer, GRUB and the Piccadilly Beer Mile

Ok, so maybe my article last week wasn’t my last Tryanuary related blog post. I promise this one is though! Earlier in January, I was kindly invited by Nomadic Beers to a beer festival hosted by GRUB Manchester. It was their inaugural beer festival and, as it turned out, an opportunity for me to also visit some of the Piccadilly Beer Mile venues.

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