A Tour of Leeds Brewery

This week, I got the opportunity to visit Leeds Brewery, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. Incredibly, even though the brewery is local to me, I’ve never visited before. So it was great to tick this one off of my list.

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The Cross Keys, Holbeck, Leeds

Back in September 2017, I wrote an article asking if the Fleece in Fartown, Pudsey, was the best pub in Leeds. A cracking pub on the outskirts of the city. But, with around 550 pubs in the Leeds metropolitan area (figure courtesy of WhatPub), it’s bound to have competition, right? Right!

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Welcome to Mike’s Tap Room! We’ve had a bit of a spruce up and we’re at a new, easy to remember web address – www.mikestaproom.co.uk. This site is aimed at sharing our passion for beer, which you will hopefully find helpful on your own journey of beer discovery.

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Fuller’s and Friends

I think many who drink modern beers would agree with the statement that 2017 has been the year of collaboration beer. More than ever this year, we’ve seen breweries join forces and produce a beer together. Continue reading Fuller’s and Friends

Hull Beer Festival 2017

A friend of mine keeps joking that I must be semi-retired. As I’m sure you realised from my recent posts, I have spent a lot of time visiting beer festivals! With Craft Beer Calling and Sheffield Beer Festival visited and written up, last week I visited Hull for their local CAMRA beer festival.

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Sheffield Beer and Cider Festival 2017

I love autumn. It seems at this time of year, there’s a large number of beer festivals taking place nearby. In fact, since the beginning of September, I’ve been to nine! I’ve written a couple of posts already about York CAMRA and Craft Beer Calling. This time, it’s the turn of Sheffield Beer and Cider Festival, organised by Sheffield CAMRA.

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Craft Beer Calling 2017

In a recent post, I explored how the York branch of CAMRA were going about modernising the traditional CAMRA beer festival. This weekend, I attended a session at Craft Beer Calling, a non-CAMRA affiliated festival. So, what can beer drinkers expect from a festival that doesn’t have to toe the line of CAMRA policy?  Continue reading Craft Beer Calling 2017

Brewdog Collabfest 2017

Talk beer to a modern beer drinker and you can probably expect Brewdog to come up at some point. Whether you like them or not, they have influenced the UK beer scene significantly since they arrived. They have challenged the way we experience beer, from flavour and style, to product branding and marketing. There isn’t often a day that goes by without something happening in the Brewdog world. Recently, this seemed dialled up to eleven with two significant events happening. First, the launch of Equity for Punks V, then Brewdog Collabfest.

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Fresh Hop Home Brewing

For professional brewers, late summer and early autumn is an exciting time. This time of year, is hop harvesting time, which means a fresh supply of the plant that gives so much flavour and aroma to beer. With loads of different varieties of hop plants, plus new experimental hops being produced regularly, it means brewers can not only continue to brew their tasty core ranges of beers, but also get a little bit creative too.

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Cardigan Arms, Kirkstall

Steeped in history, the Cardigan Arms has been evidenced to exist back in 1798, but is thought to be older than that. This would make it one of Leeds’ oldest still trading public houses, although a few decades younger than Whitelocks and a mere toddler compared to the claimed grand old age of the Bingley Arms in Bardsey, which it is said dates to before 1000 AD.

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