What’s On Tap?

A tap room wouldn’t be much good without beer, right? So, welcome to our virtual bar! Here, Matthew Grant will guide you through his ‘Myriad of Ale Styles’. This page is regularly updated with a new beer style, so keep checking back to see what we add to the bar.

Matt is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers. He regularly writes an ale styles article for ‘Ouse Boozer’, the branch magazine for York CAMRA. Here, he will share content from his archive, as well as new articles on beer styles.

#1 – SaisonAdded 27/01/2018
#2 – Rye – Added 12/02/2018
#3 – Mild Added 26/02/2018
#4 – Pilsner Added 12/03/2018
#5 – Oktoberfest Added 29/03/2018
#6 – Winter Warmer Added 20/04/2018
#7 – Porter Added 15/05/2018
#8 – Kolsch Added 05/06/2018
#9 – Stout Added 24/06/2018
#10 – Weizenbier Added 10/07/2018
#11 – Bitter Added 25/07/2018
#12 – Witbier Added 21/08/2018
#13 – English IPA Added 12/09/18

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